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US-1271958-A: Cuff-button. patent, US-1272334-A: Electric-spark timer for gasolene-engines. patent, US-1272373-A: Aircraft construction. patent, US-1273333-A: Staircase for scenic effects. patent, US-1273835-A: Track instrument. patent, US-1273918-A: Grease-catching device for automobiles. patent, US-1274228-A: Fluid circulation indicator and distributer. patent, US-1274940-A: Strainer. patent, US-1275121-A: Concrete-forming apparatus. patent, US-1276198-A: Device for conveying sounds to moving-picture screens. patent, US-1276567-A: Protective device. patent, US-1276959-A: Fencing implement. patent, US-1276984-A: Washing-machine. patent, US-1277395-A: Clothes-pressing board. patent, US-1277615-A: Testing-sender. patent, US-1277646-A: Locatable socket-cap. patent, US-1277692-A: Adding-machine. patent, US-1278520-A: Valve. patent, US-127867-A: Improvement in sewing-machines patent, US-1278983-A: Automatic arc-welding machine. patent, US-1280544-A: Process and apparatus for tanning hides. patent, US-1281194-A: Self-filling fountain-pen. patent, US-128124-A: Improvement in corn-shellers patent, US-1281677-A: Rotary engine. patent, US-1281934-A: Chain for conveyers. patent, US-1282166-A: Method of protecting commercial paper. patent, US-1282174-A: Hanging bracket. patent, US-128344-A: Improvement in cart-tongue supports patent, US-1283453-A: Metal-working machine. patent, US-1283980-A: Empty and load brake. patent, US-1284525-A: Fountain-pen. patent, US-1284861-A: Method of making adhesive joints. patent, US-1285178-A: Smoke-consuming attachment for furnaces. patent, US-1285259-A: Swimming-course. patent, US-1285739-A: Switching-socket. patent, US-128604-A: Improvement in printing-telegraphs patent, US-12861-A: peters patent, US-1286524-A: Wheel-rim for pneumatic tires. patent, US-128654-A: Improvement in revolving road-scrapers patent, US-1287265-A: Electrical discharge device. patent, US-1288165-A: Adjustable seat for agricultural implements. patent, US-1288296-A: Thermostatic trap. patent, US-1288588-A: Manually-propelled vehicle. patent, US-1288783-A: Draft-tire. patent, US-1289780-A: Wire-spoke wheel. patent, US-1291061-A: Spring-motor. patent, US-1291104-A: Loom feeler-motion. patent, US-1291137-A: Process of and apparatus for grading solid materials. patent, US-129185-A: Improvement in the manufacture of paper-stock patent, US-129214-A: Improvement in preserving-cans patent, US-1292186-A: Sweat-band for hats. patent, US-129225-A: Improvement in brick-machines patent, US-1292618-A: Submersible toy. patent, US-1293952-A: Desk. patent, US-1294060-A: Foldable type-writing machine. patent, US-1294125-A: Machine element. patent, US-1294619-A: Breast-car for mines. patent, US-1294650-A: Balanced distributer for hydraulic machines. patent, US-1294671-A: Reed for looms. patent, US-1295215-A: String-anchorage for tuning-pegs. patent, US-1295712-A: Coiling-closure. patent, US-1296140-A: Collapsible container. patent, US-129722-A: Improvement in neddie-frames patent, US-1297405-A: Price-tagging means. patent, US-129749-A: Improvement in sun-stroke preventers patent, US-1297707-A: Sheet-feeding machine. patent, US-1298605-A: Internal-combustion engine. patent, US-1299602-A: Service-switch. patent, US-1300323-A: Carpet-cleaner. patent, US-1300414-A: Hose-coupling. patent, US-1301401-A: Jointer-guard. patent, US-1301417-A: Connecting device. patent, US-1301494-A: Laundry-hanger. patent, US-130171-A: Improvement in materials for filling mattresses patent, US-1302902-A: Percussion-fuse for shells or projectiles. patent, US-1303220-A: Island patent, US-1303581-A: Machiste patent, US-1304733-A: blaine patent, US-1306103-A: Richard g patent, US-1307783-A: Mail-cabrikr-dischargiwg crubt patent, US-130859-A: Improvement in brush and mop holders patent, US-1308630-A: Adjustable level-stand patent, US-1309398-A: Method of ascertaining camera-stops patent, US-1309764-A: Diaphbagm-horn and means fob operating the same patent, US-1310135-A: Electric-switch mechanism patent, US-1310484-A: Planugrapii co patent, US-131058-A: Improvement in diamond settings patent, US-1310734-A: Planoqeaph co patent, US-1310738-A: And oliver d patent, US-1311413-A: Planocraph co patent, US-1313317-A: Joseph o patent, US-1313962-A: Ferdinand gustave spindles patent, US-1314485-A: Planooraph co patent, US-1314862-A: Peter eyler patent, US-1314927-A: Drews patent, US-1315178-A: Xx - -xx x patent, US-1315266-A: Sprdtg-latch abtd bolt patent, US-1316399-A: Apparatus for using powdered fuel. patent, US-1316500-A: Shock-absorber patent, US-1319374-A: The mechanical tension of electric line conductors patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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